Household Content Clearance Sales


We sell, we auction, we clear, we clean. A Complete Household Clearance Solution for all movable household contents.

In a nutshell ‘we facilitate the sale of Household Content in a short space of time’. We are an ideal solution for those emigrating, relocating, down-scaling or dealing with estate sales. We are a professional registered company overseen by a registered auctioneer. We market, sell and auction on various online platforms and social media.

From curtains to cars, from a mattress to a mower, antiques and collectables, we have not yet come across an item we cannot sell/auction/clear.  No more selling Household Contents in dribs and drabs. We offer a one stop solution for every possible item on your property at a price that would far exceed the offers from off-site auctioneers, antique buyers and second hand clearance buyers.

A holding deposit is required to complete a booking. The Household Clearance Sale address will only be disclosed to buyers with successful bookings.

Buyers must ensure they are available on the specified Sale date and time to collect and pay the balance. Holding deposits will not be refunded for no-shows.

All items are sold as is/voetstoots and items must be inspected by the buyer before removing an item from the premises on Sale day.

Items not sold on-line will be available for purchase/auctioning on the day of the sale at the premises.