Our Story

We are a group of 6 female entrepreneurs who combined our knowledge of home content sales, antique evaluations and industrial cleaning to offer a one-stop Household Content Clearance Solution to clients who have already relocated, those who are in the process of relocating/emigrating and any other client with a large amount of home content to sell.

It started 10 years ago with a small company called ‘Yard Sale Divas’ and the focus was to combine the ‘old fashioned’ traditional garage/yard sale concept with the modern electronic way of selling to reduce the effort and time required to sell a large amount of home content in one go. It was a short exercise but the ‘business plan seed was planted’.

Through working in the industry in various roles and at different companies in the past 10 years our team gained valuable experience in all aspects of home content clearance selling and buying. The last step was to add a cleaning service and an auctioneer, and now we have the full package to assist clients with every possible Household Content Clearance plan you might need. Our processes and our commission is custom made to address the individual needs of each client.